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Just a few extra ‘scenes’ from the day:

Talks were arranged for all the winners of the Big Society Award at Somerset House.

It was then I began to appreciate how big our achievement was!

The projects were so diverse: many were nationally or at least regionally run - from young people recycling food for community meals with poetry reading, to trying to grow food and run concerts on the ‘Shameless’ Estate, to improving health across the North (met a lovely man from Bradford who volunteered to improve the heads and hearts of the elderly and managed about 400 volunteers - and he himself was in that category - we know that type well!).

Also there was a large social project in Blackpool, two grannies who be-friended youngsters on their estate in Blackburn, a group of residents tackling anti-social behaviour in Brighton in very positive ways, a group that encouraged the homeless into full-time employment and a Leisure Group with a turn-over of millions a year!
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