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Shelley’s Past Through Pictures Exhibition
Those “lucky” enough to find work were allowed to work alternate days from the age of 12 ½ , but all pupils left at 13. Les “stayed on” at school until he was 13 when he found a job at Barncliffe Mill, Shelley.

On the day of the exhibition Leslie, a mere 92 years young then, answered visitors’ questions abut Shelley’s history as well as correcting information that had been prepared to accompany the pictures.

We learned that it was during the 1926 miners strike that an enterprising miner had burrowed under his neighbour’s house (opposite the Village Hall) to cause its collapse.

We even learned that one Shelley resident had spent many a night sleeping in the bar room of the Village Hall, but, at the time, it was his own bedroom; he was the son of the resident caretaker!

Leslie is a keen cinematographer and had compiled a video featuring footage from the 1951 Sports Day, the 1953 Coronation Parade and the 1994 Gala.