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As photos continued to pour in for the exhibition it was clear that the exhibition would represent the past of all Shelley’s residents but none more than one of our oldest residents, Leslie Adair.

It is perhaps fitting that the exhibition was to be held at the Village Hall, formerly Shelley Church School.

Les was educated at the school, starting in 1913 at the age of 5. There were three classrooms, two separated by the partition (which still existed at the time of the exhibition, but now removed), and one in the committee room. There is a small hatch under the clock in the main hall through which the Headmaster could keep an eye on all the pupils.

In the first class, pupils had to write on a slate using a slate pencil before graduating to pen and ink in the higher classes.

Lighting was provided by oil lamps and gas lights from Shelley’s own gas supply at Bankbottom.
Shelley’s Past Through Pictures Exhibition