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Wow! Has Shelley ever seen so many people in one day? They responded to entries in Gardeners’ World, local papers, and mentions (including a committee member’s plug!) on local radio and came flocking in from all over the country.

The whole village looked neat and tidy. Burning left up from Shelley Gala greeted our visitors.

“Rain before seven, fine by eleven” and so it was, at least here in Shelley.

Some arrived in a wet state from their rain soaked areas, but were rewarded by their tour of some magnificent gardens ranging from small front gardens, to some covering several acres.

They were impressed by the wonderful views, the innovative ideas of our gardeners and how similar plots on the newer houses had been given different treatments.

They were well mannered, appreciative, and enquiring. We should have kept all those labels from the garden centre!
Garden Festival 2001