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March 1995
Did you know that Shelley is mentioned in the Doomsday Book?.

I discovered this while sifting through information in the local history section of Huddersfield Library.

Shelley was next mentioned in the 13th Century in King Johnís reign.

There is even information in the British Museum of names and places in Shelley in connection with property owned at that time. Surnames are not used, so the entries are written down as William of Roydhouse Ö. John of Grice Ö. And Robert of Healey.

Did you also know that about 1847, before there was a Post Office in Shelley, letters had to be taken to Kirkburton or Skelmanthorpe?

A charge was made for delivery, but the mail was not always delivered that day.

It very much depended on whoever happened to be passing by. Very often this was the driver of a team of horses.
Sylvia Taylor -
The History of Shelley
From Our Own Correspondent